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  Southern School of Dance

Reviews - updated 24 June 2019

Excellent Ballet School

Well organised, good communication and support, variety of lesson times and venues. My daughter studied RAD ballet syllabus from Pre-primary to Grade 8 & then Vocational Levels, & the RAD Solo Seal with Miss Lisa and Miss Eleanor among others. Fantastic teachers - especially Miss Lisa who is a great teacher who has a lovely relationship with her students, is amazingly creative, talented and supportive. Fabulous ballet shows that include everyone are produced every year. My daughter is going on to study Dance at University having been inspired by her many happy years dancing at Southern School of Dance.  Linda K

Teachers are fantastic!

 I would highly recommend this Dance School. Many of my friends' kids love Southern School of Dance. Teachers are fantastic with a very kind, helpful, friendly staff.  Fe F

A student oriented dancing school!

 這是一所用心經營,萬事以人為本的跳舞學校,不催逼,不比較,週年表演甚至考試都為女兒帶來無窮回憶。 It is a student oriented dancing school, students are brought up in big smile and enjoyment. Their annual performance and even their RDA exams are great memories of my daughter.  Francis C

A professional reputation!

 A professional reputation over many years with the best regard for the children’s individual needs. Highly qualified and energetic staff providing an exciting and varied programme culminating in high achievements in dance awards and extremely successful dance performances.  Gillian R

Where children enjoy dance!

 A very professional and extremely well run school where children enjoy dance and succeed in a happy environment.  Lynne L

A dedicated school of dance!

I would highly recommend this Dance School. Many of my friends kids loves Southern School of Dance. Teachers are fantastic with a very kind helpful friendly staff.This is a dedicated school of dance and has produced some incredible talent over the years. There is heart, soul and true commitment put into the shows they produce and they are a joy to behold.  Dori D




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