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News - 22 June 2019

Dear All

Bon voyage!

Classes will finish for this term on Wednesday 26th June.  I hope everyone has had a good year and you are all looking forward to a summer holiday and then the start-up of classes on 26th August.  Two months of summer holidays lie ahead so I hope you all have a fun packed summer.  To those leaving the Dance School at this point I send you my best wishes and I hope wherever you may be going to live; Italy, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Netherlands that you look back fondly at your time as a member of the Southern School of Dance community.

Exam results

If you have taken an exam can you please leave a large envelope with your forwarding address on it so I can post on the exam certificate, report form and, if ballet, also the medal.  Plus can you leave $50 for the postage as I will have to send it registered mail.

The exam results should be with me in about 5 weeks’ time.  The results come by e-mail on a spreadsheet so I shall pass them on to your teacher so she can send on the results to you.  I hope your results are good and you get the result you deserve after lots of hard work.  The certificates etc. usually arrive around the end of the summer holidays (except last year when we had to wait until October!).

 Dance shows

Looking ahead to the next dance year, we will be producing 3 Dance Shows during the first term.

Firstly on the 17th November in the Hong Kong Academy, Sai Kung, the Po Lam students plus any students who will join us from the new studio in Hong Kong Academy will present "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe".

Then on the 7th December in the Canadian International School's Leo Lee Auditorium Ms Eleanor’s and Ms Verity’s students from Southmark and HKCC will present "The Wizard of Oz".

Finally on the 8th December Ms Lisa’s students will present "Aladdin" also in Canadian International School's Leo Lee Auditorium.

Please remember to send in your permission slip so that you can participate in the shows.

Hong Kong Academy

We are very excited to have been invited to start up some dance classes in Hong Kong Academy and so Ms Bethany will teach there on a Monday afternoon.  Her first class will be part of the Hong Kong Academy “After School Activity Programme” and will be aimed at the 5-6 year olds who attend HKA.  Thereafter from 4.15pm the classes are open to students from outside HKA and we will have a ballet class for 7-9 years leading up to Grade 1 exams if appropriate.  Then at 5.00pm we will have an Introduction to Contemporary Dance for 11 – 14 year olds.

It will be lovely to have some new students join the school and hopefully they will enjoy our style of teaching and enthusiasm for dance.

Kind regards

Marion Knight




Get to the Pointe!

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