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News - 3 September 2020

Dear Parents,

I am writing to advise how we will be invoicing for the dance fees for this Winter Term August – December 2020.

As Face to Face classes will only open from 4 September we have been relying on ‘Zoom” classes until 3 September.

Class Fees

·         A “Zoom” class fee is $125.

·         A 45 minute Face to Face class is $250,

·         A 60 minute class Face to Face $300.

·         A Double class Face to Face of 1 hour 30 minutes will be $500 (charged at 2 x $250.)

·         If a student attends more than one class per week of Face to Face classes they are entitled to a 10 % discount for the second and subsequent classes

·         A family’s 7th class will be Free of Charge.

Invoices will be issued monthly to each family at the end of September, October and November, (November invoice will cover November and December).

This way, if the situation in Hong Kong fluctuates because of the virus and we have to change between Zoom and Face to Face classes, it should prove easier to invoice monthly in arrears.  Payments therefore will be due within 7 days and there will be a late payment charge of $50.

Payments can be made by cheque payable to Southern School of Dance or by direct transfer.

Account details: HSBC; Southern School of Dance O/B X-ercise Limited473-887388-001   

Thank you very much for your support.  

Best wishes

Marion Knight          

 We will update the front page of our website www.southernschoolofdance.com.hk each morning re the status of our classes. Please keep checking.             

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