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News - 23 September 2018

Dear All

Welcome everyone to the start of our dance year 2018 – 2019.


In August we received all the ISTD and RAD exam results and I have to say they were excellent.  Normally our results are very good but I think this year I can say they have been outstandingly good.

CONGRATULATIONS everyone and a very big thank you to the teachers who worked so hard to help their students achieve such excellence.

As I write I have only received the report forms and recently the certificates from ISTD ( Tap and Modern ) but so far nothing has been forth-coming from RAD..we are still waiting! I have been chasing them but to no avail… patience is a virtue.

At the moment we have Chloe preparing for her Advanced Foundation exam, Sula and Jemma preparing for their Intermediate exam and Farah, Olivia and Imara preparing for their Intermediate Foundation exam. These Vocational Exams exams will take place in November at the Ko Shan Theatre and we wish the girls the best of luck.

Anjali is preparing for her Solo Seal Award… having competed in the Genee Award in August as one of 4 Hong Students to participate in this top RAD competition ... she is now moving swiftly on to the Solo Seal Award. We wish her well in the Solo Seal exam in December, this is her final RAD Ballet exam with SSD however we still have time to enjoy her dancing as she will be Peter Pan in the up –coming Dance Performance.  What a great way to end her dance years….. age 4years – 17years with Southern School of Dance…  Ms Lisa is her teacher….. we are all hoping for the best for Anjali

The Solo Seal examination may only be attempted by students who gain their RAD Advanced 2 with Distinction. It is estimated that less than 1% of RAD students in over 70 countries worldwide who take their RAD exams reach this level- and even less are awarded the Solo Seal..

Focus on Shows

The 8th December at Canadian International School will be the big Show Day for the Southmark , HKCC and Tap and Modern Dance students from Shaw House.

Peter Pan will be presented at 2.30pm and

Annie and Moments From The Ballets at 6.30pm

Everyone should have the information regarding rehearsals and one month before the show, tickets will be available.  You will have to make sure you get the tickets for the correct show… we will be happy if you can come to both as it is great for the students to have the support of their family and friends.

 The Shaw House Ballet girls and Hip Hop people: I hope that we can have a dance performance before Chinese New Year 2019 so keep looking for the information about your Dance performance


I am very pleased to welcome Ms Bethany to Hong Kong and to Southern School of Dance.

As Ms Bethany teaches at all our venues she has had a steep learning curve regarding the transport system in Hong Kong as she is living on Hong Kong Island at the moment. I am hoping that she enjoys being with us all. Especially me!!!

Shaw House girls please remember when Ms Bethany is teaching you at 9.00 am on a Saturday morning she has to get there from Hong Kong Island on public transport and she doesn’t stop teaching until 3.00pm when she finishes with the Grade 8 girls. Perhaps a cup of coffee or a nice cookie made by yourself would be a lovely thing to present her with……… ( not all at the same time….) just to keep her energy levels going.

I would also like to welcome Gina at reception in Shaw House. She is trying her best to remember everyone’s name so when you come to class do remember to introduce yourself. She will help with any new uniform requirements so do ask her if you need anything.

Laila is also back with us this term as she took over at Southmark at extremely short notice when Fe became ill. Thank you Laila I am very grateful for your help. Laila lived in Shanghai for a long time and spoke Chinese all the time, Shanghainese dialect, so when you ask her a question in English her brain is  rapidly translating to make sure she gets all the facts correct.

Fe… it was a lovely surprise for the Tuesday students on the 11th September when Fe and her husband Howard paid a visit to Southmark.  We were all delighted to see her and so pleased to see that she is making great progress. She was delighted to see the students and of course the mums and helpers who have known her for so many years were all happy that she could pay us a visit.

Ms Rebecca

On Thursday 13th September I flew out to Dallas, Texas with my husband to attend Ms Rebecca’s Wedding Celebration which took place on Saturday 15th September, just as Typhoon Mangkhut was approaching Hong Kong!  It was a lovely happy wedding and I was delighted to see Ms Rebecca.  We spent 4 days in Dallas and it was such fun to be part of the celebration. She sends everyone her love.

I came back to Hong Kong on Tuesday 18th after the typhoon had swept through Hong Kong and was fearing the worst as we live by the water but not too bad…soaking wet carpets but they are just material things and can be fixed.. many people were affected really badly. I hope everyone managed to get through the storm safely and I wish you good luck if you have a lot of clearing up to do.

 Have a lovely dance year. And if you need any questions answered do not hesitate to call 2872 6917 or e-mail me

Kind regards

Marion Knight  


Get to the Pointe!

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