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Photo Competition 2020

  14 June 2020

2019 Shows

  Aladdin 8 Dec 2019

Wizard of Oz 7 Dec 2019

  The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Photo Competition 2019

28 Jun 2019

Adult Ballet June 2019

Adult Ballet Fitness

2019 Megan Farrell Award

Winner: Charlotte M

2019 Exams



2019 Shows

  Aladdin 3 Mar 2019

 Annie 3 Mar 2019

On the move January 2019

Our new studio at Po Lam

Celebrating the last day at Shaw House

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2018 Shows


Moments from the Ballets

  Peter Pan

2018 Photo Competition

  10 March 2018

2017 Shows

  The Sleeping Beauty 10 Dec 2017

The Snow Queen 9 Dec 2017

  Mary Poppins 26 Nov 2017

2017 Challenge Cup

Gold Medal winner: Emma T

2017 Photo Competition

31 May 2017

Spring Term 2017

Character dance with garlands...

Artistic Talent March 2017

promoting special artistic talent!

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Contemporary Ballet, Open Ballet and Intermediate Modern Dec 2016

  Why I love to dance...

Grade 4 Modern and Tap Dance Nov 2016

Why I love to dance...

Primary and Pre-Primary Ballet Nov 2016

Why I love ballet...

3 to 4 Years Ballet Nov 2016

Why I love ballet...

Hip Hop Nov 2016

Why I love Hip Hop....

Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1 Ballet, Advanced Tap and Modern Dance Oct 2016

  Why I love dance ....

Grades 7 and 8 Ballet Oct 2016

  Why I love ballet ....

Grade 2 Ballet, Tap & Modern Oct 2016

Why I love dance...

Grade 6 Ballet and Grade 6 Modern Oct 2016

Why I love dance....

Grades 4 & 5 Ballet Sep 2016

Why I love ballet....

Grade 3 Ballet & Modern Sep 2016

Why I love Ballet and Modern...

Grade 1 Ballet Sep 2016

Why I love ballet...

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 2016 Shows

  Art in Motion

  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  Beauty and The Beast

  Save the Last Dance

2015 Shows

Wizard of Oz

Alice in Wonderland


2014 Shows

  Mary Poppins 2 November

  Who Dunnit? 2 November

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Photo of the month:

Winner of Category B Photo Competition


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Alisha B Class Schedule

Winter Term 2019

Annie Tap 2018

Let's Dance 2017